Temenos Physiotherapy

Comfort in movement.

Offering full-service therapies to complement your veterinary program.

Let us help your horse move comfortably for years to come.

Bodywork (Manual Physiotherapy) - $75

Performed by our licensed Osteopath, each session begins with a full body evaluation looking for asymmetries in muscle and gait, pain points, etc. especially in the spine and lower limbs with the goal of restoring structural integrity.
Recommended treatments may include passive and dynamic stretching, joint mobilization, acupressure, targeted massage, and/or myofascial release.

Therapeutic Ultrasound - $50

While many owners are familiar with ultrasounds used in diagnostic procedures, some many not realize their application in the recovery process from injury. Therapeutic ultrasound significantly raises the temperature of deep tissue without elevating the skin’s surface temperature which can be beneficial in the healing process.

PEMF (Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field) - $50

Helps healthy horses stay in peak condition and may help heal wounds, strains and fractures more efficiently than rest alone. Studies indicate excellent results when used in the fracture repair process and for pain relief in high performance athletes.

Recommended for: Acute and chronic pain relief (e.g., before and after competition or after injury), mild to severe inflammation, soft tissue injuries (e.g., bruised or torn muscles, tendons and ligaments), abscesses and stone bruises, anhidrosis, laminitis, EPM, founder, normal and non-healing fractures, arthritis

Aquatred Session - $50

One session in the underwater treadmill. Unlike swimming, the aquatred builds topline and leg muscles with the additional benefits of warm, salt water and jets. We provide a controlled environment for low-impact exercise at varying speeds for the recovering or training athlete. Aquatreds have been seen effective in treating joint injuries, bowed tendons, suspensory ligament injuries, post-surgical recovery and more.

Vibration Therapy Session - $25

Similar to a TheraPlate, our proprietary equine vibration plate uses circulation stimulation technology. Consistent use can help prevent injury and, in emergencies, has been seen to stop colic. Helps speed the healing process and reduces causes of pain.

Solarium Session - $25

Infrared therapy is gaining popularity as a safe, inexpensive method in equine physiotherapy. Infrared is a form of heat radiation providing artificial sunlight for stable-kept horses. Additionally, it can help stimulate blood circulation thereby improving muscle elasticity meaning your horse can recover quicker.

Annual Physiotherapy Subscription - $250


Receive bi-weekly treatments for one Counter Canter season for one horse. You will choose one therapy per week but can always purchase additional a la carte. Each treatment includes a complimentary grooming and vacuum session to send your horse back to you looking better than ever.